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A lot of games have been manufactured for the PSV and most of them have received positive reviews and left great impressions in our hearts. But only a handful of these games deserve to be listed in the Top 10 Games of PS Vita history. With the foreseen decline of the PSP because of the entrance of the Vita, it is worth remembering some of the classic PSP games that will forever be played within every gamer’s hearts.

Crimson Gem Saga

Only a few RPG games have entered this list. One of the is the Crimson Gem Saga. It is a classic fantasy RPG having special attacks and team combos but still manages to retain a certain charm that allowed it to rise to the top. It is a 2D fantasy world having magic, endless adventure and the like of swordsmen all grouped into a four-man party. You will have to run the PSP emulator on Vita to play this game.

Valkyria Chronicles II

The Valkyria Chronicles series has never been forgotten because of its tasty timeline of events and animation. Thanks to its wonderful graphics and customization options it gained the respect it needed to land in ninth spot of the Top 10 Games for PSP. In its second edition, it focused on the development of new characters and classes. Developers also added new customization options and keep everything fresh and new..

Ever wondered why Sony keeps releasing wacky oddities to the delight of gamers children and adults alike? Wonder no more as it is a waste of time! LocoRoco hosts a great number of bloblike and Borg-like oddities that is sure to satisfy your eyes with great color combination and irresistible music. It is a quirky yet memorable installment to Sony’s odd character preferences.

Rock Band Unplugged
Rock band Unplugged hosts a wide variety of sounds for the delight of music lovers and finger straining rhythms. But it still lands on the 7th spot of the Tops 10 Games for PSP. With a little more rock soundtracks for music-lovers.

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Jailbreaking and Unlocking for Homebrew Apps

You can be sure that Vita hacker are hadr at work trying to jailbreak and unlock the console. So far the Vita get semulators from the PSP homebrew scene by running them in the PSP mode via HalfByte Loader. There a numerous walkthroughs and tutorials on how to install VHBL, but a downside to this aproach is that Sony firmeare updates will disable it. Another solution could be a PSV chip that would replace the original firmware or disable some of the copy protection checking. PS Vita mod-chip would be a pain in the but to install as the console is not designed to be opened for battery replacement or repair.

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Dracula X Chronicles - Combining challenge with gory graphics, Dracula X Chronicles from Konami is the best horror game for the PSP. It gives enough challenge for strong-willed individuals to fight off evil and regain control of this dark world—Castlevania.

Ridge Racer - The creators of Ridge Racer for other consoles saw the PSP as a chance to bring the game another anthology. Using everything that made this game so great, the creators have created 12 courses with 31 music tracks from five of the classic Ridge racer titles and brought this successful drafting nostalgia into PSP gameplay.